Oversize Calendar

Friends, as most of you know I use this site to post about my own life, music, as well as what is going on with me professionaly, so I hope you will indulge me by taking a look at my latest professional venture.   At ABI Digital Solutions we recently launched a subsidiary known as Oversize Calendar.

Honestly, its pretty cool.  I especially hope some of my “teacher” friends can find some use for it.

Essentially it is a giant, oversize, dry erase wall calendar.  It is perfect for long term planning, lesson plans, keeping track of homework assignments and more.   Please be sure to check it out at :

Thanks everyone!

New Project

A little shameless self promotion here. .. . but I wanted to share some on a new project I have going at work.  It’s a new website that you can literally design and order your custom sings online.  Our pricing is FANTASTIC, as we are selling wholesale yard signs, wholesale banners, real estate signs, political signs and more.  Be sure to check us out at Third Coast Signs.    

Oh yeah, this month you can use promo code “AUG” for $50 off you order!   You’re welcome.  :)

Teaching My Daughter Guitar

So, I have started teaching my daughter how to play guitar.

I had forgotten what a tremendous pain in the ass it is to learn.  From the unnatural ways you have to contort your hand to the painful development of callouses.

I WAS encouraged by the idea of the ChordBuddy – Guitar Learning System.

Now, I have not as yet actually purchased and started using this device, but I think you will agree with me that it sounds pretty cool.

Emma and I started watching “Shark Tank” together, and this guy comes up and starts pitching this attachment for the guitar that basically allows you to press one button, and it pushes down the correct strings at the correct fret to create a chord. . . I think there are like 4 chords, D, G, C, and Am or Em.

Anyway, that’s kinda neat but does not really assist in what people pick up the guitar for . . . namely to learn how to ACTUALLY play.  And that”s where the ChordBuddy – Guitar Learning System began to sound REALLY cool.

See, not only does it play the chords, but the hardware is set up in such a way that pieces of it can be REMOVED over time, allowing the player to learn ONE chord while continuing to “cheat” on the others.

In other words, from day one you are able to start playing songs by “cheating” with the 4 chords it includes (and also learning how to STRUM properly without having to think about your left hand so much).  Then, when you are ready . . ..simply remove the “training wheels” on your first chord.  You start playing the ACTUAL chord for one, but continue to cheat with the rest.

And oh yeah, it comes with a book that gives you a 30 day plan to learn all the 4 chords properly (without cheating).

Anyway, I am planning to pick one up . . .and figured I would share.   Here’s a link if anyone else thinks this is a cool freaking idea.

Music Is Up!

FINALLY got around to adding some music on “The Music” page.  Hope you like them.  It’s a combination of songs I’m performing as well as some songs that I have had demo’d.  I’m either the sole or co-writer on everything.  Enjoy!